We provide vegetation management and weed control for these industries

Weed Control is widely known for consistent results and dependable service. We use only highly experienced Commercial Applicators and Registered Technicians. These applicators provide our customer's a high level of satisfaction and results that are unequalled in our industry. Our customers expect and get a professional application company who performs as expected with no hassles. Weed Control operates a fleet of modern equipment, and uses the latest application techniques to deliver the best possible value to our customers.

We service many businesses and industries, such as:


Vegetation can be a big problem for utilities that need to maintain a Right of Way, or suppress vegetation that can endanger substations and choke spillways.  We have extensive experience in high density brush treatment, using application techniques like high volume foliar, low volume backpack application for selective treatment, basal applications, and cut stump treatments to prevent resprouting.

Industry and businesses

General vegetation planning and weed control is a common problem for a lot of industries.  The most common applications are bareground herbicide applications for gravel lots, fence rows, gas and oil storage areas, guardrails and more.  


Municipalities can require a variety of treatments, including bareground herbicides, broadleaf weed control, tree growth regulators and specialty projects like water retention ponds or dams and reservoirs.  Rely on our experience and dependability to handle ongoing projects consistently and ontime.


Bareground weed control is ideal for airport runways, sidewalks and curbs, and plant growth regulators can lengthen your mowing cycles by slowing turf growth 4-5 weeks. We also provide broadleaf control for slopes, rough turf and embankments in hard to maintain areas while leaving grass to flourish.


We provide roadside and slope weed control, spray guard rails, medians and fence lines, along with many other services.  Contact us to talk about your needs.