Our industry reputation is exceptional. Weed Control is widely known for consistent results and dependable service. Weed Control only uses highly experienced Commercial Applicators and Registered Technicians. These applicators provide to our customer's a high level of satisfaction and program results that are unequalled in our industry. Weed Control customers expect and get a professional application company who performs as expected with no hassles. We operate a fleet of modern equipment, and use the latest application techniques to deliver the best possible value to our customers.

Weed Control, Inc. has been providing quality vegetation management programs to commercial and industrial customers including municipalities since 1984. Our highly trained applicators have years of experience in the industry. All of our crew leaders are licensed applicators, and most of our field personnel are registered technicians. In addition to meeting state agriculture requirements to remain certified, Weed Control Inc. personnel undergo rigorous retraining programs to stay abreast of new technologies and advancements in the industry.

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Right of Way Brush Treatments 

This service is ideal for utilities, and reduces the brush stem count in Right of Ways, extends cycle times, creates wildlife habitat verses mowing which disrupts existing habitats, and Weed Control guarantees 95% control of undesirable vegetation

  • High Volume Foliar
  • Low Volume Backpack
  • Tractor application
  • Basal application
  • Cut Stump applications

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Tree Growth Regulators

Tree Growth Regulators are a useful tool to reduce the frequency and amount trees must be trimmed. Tree Growth Regulator's are compounds that when applied to a tree, controls the growth in the tree's crown (branches). This results in fewer visits from trimming crews, and our record keeping GIS services track tree locations in a treatment program with sub-foot accuracy.

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Bareground herbicide applications

By using pre-emergent compounds Weed Control, Inc. can treat areas where no vegetation growth is desired.  Weed Control, Inc.  will guarantee season long vegetation control.  Appropriate sites would include utility substations, gravel storage lots, fence rows, guardrails, railroad sidings, gas & oil storage areas, spillways and any other area where vegetation is not desired or safe.

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Broadleaf weed control

Broadleaf applications control broadleaf weeds and brush in rough turf, slopes, embankments and ditch lines and is commonly used for municipality work and roadsides. This treatment controls broadleaf weeds and brush, leaving grasses to flourish and grow.  

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Plant Growth Regulators

Stretch your maintenance budget by significantly lengthening your mowing cycles. Ideally suited to industrial turf areas such as airports, correctional facilities, and hard to mow highway medians. This application can suppress the turf growth for 4 to 5 weeks.

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